Kiln-dried (KD) lumber constitutes the majority of our sales, but we also offer green and air-dried (AD) lumber domestically and shipping-dry (SD) lumber (also referred to as green-on-lath) to customers overseas, particularly to the Middle-East and in the case of our Honduran hardwoods that we ship globally.


We deal with all the commercially available hardwood species in North America (see our species guide for more details). This material is square-edged and graded according to NHLA standards. Customers with particular requirements can also specify proprietary grades and color sorts.

Thicknesses typically range from 4/4" to 16/4" in standard 1/4" increments. 

Strips—lumber that has been ripped or sorted to specific widths—have become increasingly popular over the years and we ship these on a regular basis. Flooring manufacturers are typical end-users of this product.

8/4 Red Oak FAS1F, Shipping-Dry


In 2013 we opened up a lumber yard in Honduras, where we grade and export prep Spanish Cedar and Genuine Mahogany. All material is air-dried, square-edged, double-end trimmed and shipped on laths. The grade is FAS1F or better, according to NHLA standards. These species can be shipped in one size only or as a mix of 4/4" to 16/4".

Spanish Cedar from our Honduras lumber yard, ready to go into a container for export